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Coming soon to Mockingbird Studio Herbal Touchstone™ Products:

Fixed Votive Candles, Aromatherapy Putty, Herbal Intentions Essential Oil Blends, Earthen Aromatherapy Pendants, as well as wonderful new additions to the Elemental, Chakra, Birth Month, and Zodiac collections.

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Herbal TOUCHSTONE™ Beads and Pendants ~ A Mockingbird Studio Exclusive

Drawing on the knowledge and lore of generations of wisewomen and herbalists, as well as over twenty years experience with polymer clay and other jewelry media, Juli McCarthy has developed an exclusive line of Herbal TOUCHSTONE jewelry.

Herbal TOUCHSTONE beads and pendants are handcrafted with organically-grown dried herbs and wild-gathered leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and barks, carefully selected and blended by hand into polymer clay where their beneficial spiritual properties are permanently captured. Colors and accenting materials are likewise chosen for their spiritual correspondence. The beads and pendants are made with intention – that is, the artist is intensely concentrating on the metaphysical purpose of each piece throughout its component creation and assembly processes.

Herbal TOUCHSTONE jewelry is suitable for both men and women, with simple yet bold designs that will complement almost any wardrobe. Each and every piece of
Herbal TOUCHSTONE jewelry is individually handmade by the artist.

Herbal TOUCHSTONE pendants and necklaces are strung so that the clasp is situated for right-handed use by default. If you are left-handed, PLEASE specify when ordering and the clasp will be re-situated for ease of handling and to ensure that the pendant is worn “right side up.”